Church of the Savior on Blood

Church of the Savior on Blood
Pic by Daniel Korzeniewski |
Europe - Russian Federation - Saint Petersburg
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Griboyedov Canal Embankment, 2Б, San Petersburgo, Rusia, 191186
59°56'24.4"N 30°19'44.2"E
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The Church of the Savior on Blood is one of the most famous landmarks of Saint Petersburg. The cathedral was built in honour to the Tsar Alexander II in the place where the king was killed. In the beggining of the project it was just thought to be a chapel but in the end they built a cathedral.

From its outside we can speak about its 5 domes enamelled in the very Russian architecural style which are a bit similar than the Cathedral of Moscow. The walls inside and outside are decorated with mosaics from where you can see the different regions of Russia from that times. These mosaics form one of the most important monumental collections in Europe. Inside, the cathedral is also impressive.  


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