Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress
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Europe - Russian Federation - Saint Petersburg
Web: SPB Museum
San Petersburgo, Rusia, 197046
59°57'00.1"N 30°18'59.9"E
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The Peter and Paul Fortress is considered the real old center of the city. It is located in the shoreline of the Neva river on a small island between the river and the Kronwerk canal. It was built by the emperor Peter I the Great to protect the city and defend the exit to the Baltic sea and nowadays it is one of the best preserved forts in the whole Europe.

The day they put the first stone of the fort, the 27th of May of 1703, it is considered the day of the foundation of the city, and every year they celebrate it with a huge festival.

Inside the fort there is the first cathedral of the city: the Saint Peter and Saint Paul’s Cathedral, the oldest one in the city and highest one, with a golden needle arriving to the 122 metres high, and being one of the main landmarks of the city.  

A part from the cathedral, the fort has various museums, exhibitions and remains from the Romanov family, the last Tsars of Russia.  


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