Bandama Caldera

Bandama Caldera
Pic by Tamara Kulikova |
Europe - Spain - Gran Canaria

La Caldera de Bandama, Tafira, Gran Canaria
28°01'56.4"N 15°27'17.9"W
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Bandama Caldera, together with the Bandama Peak, is one of the must-see natural landscapes in Gran Canaria. It is near the village of Tafira, after the road which crosses the vineyards where the Monte wine is borning. Bandama Caldera is a huge volcanic crater of 200 metres deep and a diameter of 1000 metres. From the ridge of the crater or even from the peak, you will enjoy of unique views of the whole Northern coast of the island. If you like the adventure, you can go down to the crater in a 30 minutes excursion until you arrive to the old farm located insie.

Very near it you can also find the  Real Club de Golf de las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the oldest club in Spain.


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