Guayadeque ravine

Guayadeque ravine
Pic by Zdeněk Matyáš |
Europe - Spain - Gran Canaria

35260 Ingenio, Las Palmas, España
27°56'20.1"N 15°30'33.2"W
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Guayadeque ravine is one of the most beautiful valleys in Gran Canaria. More than 80 vegetal species fill the cliffs with the most intense green colour and also its slopes. Also in this area it lives the Canarian lizard or Lagarto Canarión, one of the biggest lizards in the world.

The best what you can do to explore this area is to get lost in any of the natural hike routs which cross caves and archeological sites. But if you love to walk you can go until the Centro de Interpretación Arqueológica from where you can admire amazing views of the valley. In the end, you can enjoy of the local food in the restaurant Tagoror, a curious restaurant located inside a cave with delicious food and folkloric music.


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