Arab Baths in Girona

Arab Baths in Girona
Pic by Oscar Espinosa Villegas | Dreamstime
Europe - Spain - Girona
Web: Banys Àrabs de Girona
Ferran el Catòlic street, s/n, 17004, Girona, Spain
41°59'18.0"N 2°49'32.4"E
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Most of the buildings in Girona are Romanesque and this is one of them. Arabic baths were built in the twelfth century and served as public baths following construction parameters of North African Muslims but with Romanesque elements. The most spectacular parts are the lounge, with an angular vault and the dome supported by columns with Corinthian tops, and the center pool. Visiting this corner of the city is nice all throughout the year but it's especially pretty during the festival of flowers, when the space is filled with spring colors.


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