Parc de la Devesa (Devesa Park)

Parc de la Devesa (Devesa Park)
Pic by Teresa Grau Ros | Flickr
Europe - Spain - Girona

Jardins de la Devesa, 17001 Gerona, Girona, Spain
41°59'13.4"N 2°49'09.4"E
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Parc de la Devesa is the largest urban park in Girona and the entire autonomous community of Catalonia. It has 40 hectares and is surrounded by the rivers Ter, Güell and Onyar. One feature is that the most common tree is the Platanus of eastern and western species (there are over 2,500!), a very common tree in cities with temperate climates. Because of there being so many and since nature is wise, trees have not grown wide but tall, which makes the appearance of the park very characteristic. The park also has flat areas and it's one of the places most frequented by gironans, specially when good weather comes. Since 1943 the park is considered a cultural asset of national interest.


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