Old Town of Girona

Old Town of Girona
Pic by Olena Serditova | Dreamstime
Europe - Spain - Girona

Plaça de la Independència, 10, 17001, Girona, Spain
41°59'10.3"N 2°49'24.0"E
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Old town of Girona is so extraordinarily complete that we recommend you to try very seriously to contact a guide or get informed before going in order not to miss any detail of this part of the city. It's the historical part of the city with over 2,000 years of history which is reflected in its buildings and constructions. It has two fortified enclosures, one Roman and another from medieval times. It also has the old Jewish quarter 'Call jueu', porched streets, Gothic buildings like the Girona Cathedral, Baroque monuments and places or Arab baths. Just something to keep in mind, you can't leave the town without kissing 'Cul de la lleona'(Lioness's butt)... Ask where to find it!
The truth is that the cultural attractions of this city are so high and interesting that if you like history you will visit the streets and will never want to leave. Also, in this part of town shops are delightful and the cuisine is fantastic. In other articles we'll go into more detail of some of these fantastic places in Girona.


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