Elaphite Archipelago

Elaphite Archipelago
Pic by Jasmina | Dreamstime.com
Europe - Croatia - Dubrovnik

Elaphite Archipelago, Adriatic Sea, Croatia
42º42'22.99"N 17º54'42.28"E
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The Elaphite Islands are a group of islands: Daksa, Koločep (Kalamota), St. Andrija, Lopud, Ruda, Šipan, Mišnjak, Jakljan, Kosmeč, Goleč, Crkvine, Tajan and Olipa. Only 3 of them are inhabited: Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan. The rest, are just beautiful oasis. Sipan is the largest Elaphite island, with many must-see attractions and places to be explored.


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