Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops
Pic by Victor Torres | Dreamstime
Europe - Netherlands - Amsterdam

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It is nothing new to know that the sale and consumption of marijuana is legal in the famous coffeeshops in Amsterdam. This is one of the reasons why the city has become famous worldwide.
These coffeeshops are cafes and bars where you can buy and consume different types of marijuana. Depending on the place,  it is forbidden to drink alcohol, and sometimes to smoke cigarettes. You don't need to consume this drug in order to get into one of these premises (imagine that!). If you are curious, you can visit some of this business without any problem and have a cup of tea or coffee quietly. Some of these coffee shops are famous worldwide and have become city sights themselves, either because movies have been filmed inside them, because their crowded or for some other reason. It's worth a visit to this businesses understand the diversity and tolerance that characterizes the population of the Netherlands.


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