Transport in Amsterdam


GVB information
It is a fast and efficient method of transport consisting of four lines. It is ideal to move around to areas outside of the center as well as major train stations. The machines at the stations accept cash only and you must be careful because some stops do not always correspond with the names of the streets that are there. The lines run from 6:00 am to 24:00.


GVB information
It is the best way to get around the city. It has 17 lines, most of them go by Central Station, and they all circulate till midnight. The tickets are always stamped inside the vehicle.


GVB information
Amsterdam has 30 bus lines that run through the city to reach the outskirts and are connected with the GVB’s main means of transportation. In addition, it also has lines running at night every day of the week.

Tourist bus

Tours & Tickets
The Amsterdam tourist bus makes a route of about 60 minutes through the main attractions of the city. There are several stops and the service frequency is about 20 minutes. It is a convenient but more expensive way to tour the capital.


Nederlandse Spoorwagen
NS is the company that manages rail lines in Amsterdam and has 7 stations. Amsterdam Central Station is the most important one in the city and it is where most trains and metro lines depart. The train is not the best way to go around the capital but it is useful to and from the airport or to visit the nearest villages.


GVB information
The company GVB has a free ferry service for cyclists and pedestrians linking central station with north Amsterdam. There are 5 different routes.

Tourist boats

Canal Bus Company
Canal is the company that offers tourist tours through Amsterdam canals. There are several lines and different kinds of tickets that will allow you to go up and down as many times as you want during your stay in Amsterdam. It's a different way to  sightsee the city streets and view the homes from a different perspective as well.


Taxicentrale Amsterdam
It's not very common to use taxis in Amsterdam. It is a bit expensive and you can as easily travel using public transportation or a bike. Even so, taxis can be found at major stops like Central Station, Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein.


The bicycle is Amsterdam’s and the Netherlands’ favorite means of transportation. The city is perfect for cycling because it is very flat and there are plenty of routes and bike lanes prepared and well marked throughout the capital. Also, you can board any public transportation carrying your bike. If you want to rent one, you'll find plenty of sites that for only 8 euros will give you a bike for the whole day. Note that you must make a deposit as insurance for the bicycle and that most of them have the breaks in the pedals. It's best to practice a bit before going to the streets!

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