Canals and floating houses

Canals and floating houses
Pic by Mihai-bogdan Lazar | Dreamstime
Europe - Netherlands - Amsterdam

Amsterdam Centre

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When we talk about Amsterdam we can't help to mention its channels. Amsterdam is also known as the "Venice of the North" because its channel system is bigger than the one in the Italian city. It has over 75 km of canals that give rise to more than 1000 bridges where you will find 2500 floating houses. Easier said than done!
The most famous ones are the 3 channels ring “Grachtengordel” it is made by these 3 channels: Prinsengracht, Keizersgratch and Herengracht. On the shore of the latter are the most beautiful mansions of the city.
A boat ride is essential to visit and stroll through these channels and discover the magnificent houseboats that decorate its banks.


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