Roman Amphitheater of Amman

Roman Amphitheater of Amman
Pic by Dbajurin | Dreamstime
Middle East - Jordan - Amman

Al Jazaer, Old Town, Amman, Jordan
31°57'05.9"N 35°56'21.5"E
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The Roman Amphitheater of Amman is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Jordan, and also one of the most impressive. It was built in the II century b. C. but the past of time is almost imperceptible, the building is very preserved. The Amphitheater has room for 6,000 people, and from the top of the building the views are amazing. It’s such an amazing building that it has been used as scenario for various movies and advertisements. If you visit Amman, this is a place you have to go without a doubt.  


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