Festivities, Holidays and Traditions in Amman

Amman’s International Theater Festival

Each year, during the month of March, an alternative theater company and independent organizes the Amman’s international Theater Festival. On it, artists from all over Jordan reunite to play each other’s theater plays or other shows. The festival is planned to be a competitive, and it is developed in Arabic, and depending on the show, also in English.


Muharram is the Islamic New Year. As in other countries, it is celebrated in many cities of Jordan, where the citizens celebrate with food linked to their traditions and dances. The New Years Eve follows the calendar marked by the moon cycle, so each year it is on a different day.

Rally of Jordan

Although this event does not happen exclusively in Amman, the capital of Jordan, it is important because it gathers a lot of movement and visits from many people who want to participate in the Rally of Jordan. The automobile race is celebrated during the month of October and motor fans arrive from every corner of the world to see it. What makes the Rally of Jordan special is that the tracks are the desert dunes, an amazing show.

The Earth Hour

The climate change is something that affects every one of us. In the whole world, in some countries are more conscious about the problem such as in Amman, Jordan. Each year, on the last Saturday of month, citizens of Jordan, in solidarity with the planet, turn off their electrodomestics for an hour. There are some people who also turn off their car engine, disconnect their phones and turn off their radios.

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