King Abdullah Mosque

King Abdullah Mosque
Pic by Jan Gerrit Siesling | Dreamstime
Middle East - Jordan - Amman

Sulayman An Nabullsi, Amman, Jordan
31°57'40.4"N 35°54'46.6"E
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The King Abdullah’s mosque is one of the most known in the city of Amman, and one of its most representative symbols. It was built during the 1980’s and has room for over 3,000 people. One of its most characteristic elements are its two minarets, which look really futuristic. Its blue dome also makes it unique, and it’s distinguished from the rest of the buildings.

If you are interested in the Muslim religion and you have never seen a Mosque, this is your place. You can visit it at concrete schedules, although men and women enter separately. One of the requirements is to go well covered with clothes and the entrance fee is approximately two dinars.


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