Amman Citadel (Jebel al-Qala’a)

Amman Citadel (Jebel al-Qala’a)
Pic by Tim Martin | Dreamstime
Middle East - Jordan - Amman

Amman Citadel, Jordan
31°57'15.3"N 35°56'06.8"E
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The Amman citadel is one of the spots on the Jordanian capital with the best panoramic views of the city. From this corner you can see the hills that have embraced this city. Another one of the beauties you can see, are the mosques and one of the most incredible moments is when you hear the prayer of the Muslims. Like in most lookouts, the prettiest moments to admire the landscape are in the morning, at dawn, or when the night arrives.

The citadel is also known for sheltering many archeological artifacts from the Roman Ages. These are in a little museum that is easy to tour, and visits are organized in many languages. It is worth to visit it from the inside and also to walk the streets of the place, admire the construction and its details. The surroundings of the constructions are full of plants and trees and during weekends or festivities is one of the favorite places of the Jordanians to spend their free time. Besides, it connects directly with the Roman Amphitheater of Amman, another interesting place in the city.


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