Zamek Krolewski (Royal Castle)

Zamek Krolewski (Royal Castle)
Pic by Thoron | Dreamstime
Europe - Poland - Warsaw
Web: Zamek Krolewski
Plac Zamkovy 4, Warsaw, Poland
52°14'52.7"N 21°00'55.9"E
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Zamek Królewski, royal castle, is an imposing building placed besides the southern entrance to Warsaw's old town.It was the royal residence between XVI and XVIII centuries and had to be rebuilt after WWII, recovering some elements in ruins. Today it's a historical monument with a museum exhibiting tapestries, epoch furniture, pictures and china and other decoration arts. Just opposite the castle there's Segismund's column, considered the oldest civil monument in the city. The castle's flanked by a beautiful square, Castle Square, and south of it there's Sain Anna's church, one of the few buildings surviving bombardments.


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