New city (Nowe Miasto)

New city (Nowe Miasto)
Pic by Jakatics | Dreamstime
Europe - Poland - Warsaw

Nowe Miasto, Warsaw, Poland
52°15'22.0"N 21°00'28.8"E
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New city, Nowe Miasto, formerly known as New Warsaw, was an independent city 'till the 17th century. The new and old cities are divided by Barbacana, the old medieval wall which surrounded the city. After crossing it you can walk slong Freta street until Rynek Nowego Miasta, the New City Square, where you can watch V'situal and Marie Curie's statue.
This area is commonly known as the City of Churches 'cause it's filled with them. The best ones are Saint Spirit's church, Cross-eyed church, Visitation church and Saint Jacek's.


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