Intramuros (Walled City)

Intramuros (Walled City)
Pic by Phuongphoto | Dreamstime
Asia - Philippines - Manila

1002 Metro Manila, Philippines
14°35'23.1"N 120°58'31.1"E
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Intramuros is the historical center and district of Manila. Founded in 1571 by the Spaniards, it has buildings of Spanish colonial architecture. Today, some of these buildings no longer exist because they were destroyed during World War II, although a part of the wall and some Catholic churches are being preserved, one of those churches is the St. Augustine church, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It's worth it to walk through this part of the capital to breathe the history of this city. The cuisine is very wide and it's also a tourist spot where you can find souvenirs and other details for your trip.


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