Quiapo Market

Quiapo Market
Pic by Junpinzon | Dreamstime
Asia - Philippines - Manila

Quezon Blvd, Manila, Metro Manila, Filipinas Philippines
14°35'55.8"N 120°59'01.8"E
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The Quiapo Market is the largest market throughout the Philippines and is close to the Quiapo Church. The vox populi also says it is one of the par excellence forgery markets in the world. Besides of clothes and objects of dubious brands, it's a colorful market where you can find everything. From fruits and vegetables to household utensils or objects dedicated to Chinese culture. If you want to eat some fruit or drink some juice, be careful. You know water in foreign countries are sometimes not recommended for drinking...!
Prices in Quiapo are set by haggling. Although this market is fascinating, do not dawdle and pay attention to your stuff. As in all markets, there are pickpocketers.


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