Rizal Park (La Luneta)

Rizal Park (La Luneta)
Pic by Jason Row | Dreamstime
Asia - Philippines - Manila

Roxas Blvd Ermita, Barangay 666 Zone 72, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines
14°34'49.7"N 120°58'38.9"E
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Rizal Park (also known as La Luneta) is one of the largest parks in Manila with almost 60 hectares located very close to Intramuros, the historical center of the city. It is the perfect place to take a walk during sunset or to relax a little. The landscape is very diverse, you can find a pond, paved areas, gardens, wooded areas and even a chess square or skating rink. It is also full of monuments, including that of Jose Rizal, who shares the name of the park. Rizal, is the Philippines national hero because of his fight against colonization, executed by the Spanish authorities in 1896. The remains of this hero and thinker are buried beside his memorial. There are also museums in the park and it's a meeting point for the people of Manila. If you walk in the morning, you will see many people practicing tai chi and, if you walk in the afternoon, you will see people taking a little walk. During the weekends, it's very common to see families or groups of friends doing picnics and outdoor concerts are also organized.


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