Binondo (Chinatown)

Binondo (Chinatown)
Pic by Plotnikov | Dreamstime
Asia - Philippines - Manila

Binondo, Manila, 1006 Metro Manila, Philippines
14°36'00.6"N 120°58'28.0"E
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Binondo (Chinatown) is the oldest Chinatown in the world and it keeps this special character. It is a very authentic place to visit, especially if your trip coincides with the Chinese New Year. Today, it's a very important area for business between China and the Philippines and is also a strategic point for trade. It has a great range of shops and restaurants with great prices. If you visit, be careful with your stuff, the neighborhood has some fame and your wallet might disappear. As for emblematic buildings, it has the Minor Basilica of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz and one of the oldest streets in Manila: the Escolta Street. Binondo is a good experience if you've never visited a Chinatown in any city and you will almost certainly get distracted for a while. However…be prepared for some chaos and noise!


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