Pic by Tom Wang | Dreamstime.com
Asia - Taiwan, Province of China[a] - Kaohsiung

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, No. 9蓮潭路 Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 813
22°40'50.1"N 120°17'28.9"E
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Being one of the main Taiwanese landmarks, the Dragon and Tiger pagodas in Lotus Lake, Kaohsiung City, are some amazing structures said to bring visitors good luck, specially if they walk through the dragon mouth and exit from the tiger’s mouth. Inside you will see paintings representing the heaven and the hell, in theory with the main objective to make people do the good. The pagodas were built in 1976 housing several paintings of Confucius and the Jade Emperor’s palaces. They are located around the beautiful Lotus Lake.


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