Moon World

Moon World
Pic by Leon Lin |
Asia - Taiwan, Province of China[a] - Kaohsiung

Moon World Landscape Park, No. 36月球路 Tianliao District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 823
22°53'09.6"N 120°23'16.4"E
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The very unique “Moon World” formations near Tianliao, Yenchao, and Neimen, are also known as “badlands” in the field of geography, and this shape is a result of rain and river water erosion. In this kind of land plants can’t grow easily but at the same time, the Moon World is very rich and has already met UNESCO Geoparks' standards for recognition as a Geological Heritage Site. Furthermore, Purple Crow Butterfly Valley in Maolin Scenic Area is a very special resource, one of the two valleys in the world in which butterflies winter.


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