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Europe - Italy - Florence

Pisa, Tuscany region, Italy
43°43'24.72"N 10°23'36.99"E
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Pisa is another must-see attraction in the Tuscany region, with the worldwide famous Torre Pendente of Pisa, the leaning tower. It is one of the most recognizable buildings in the country and probably in the world. It was completed in 1370, but it wasn’t until the 90’s when a group of engineers and architects started reparations to stabilize it, so visitors could enter and experience it. If you have some extra time while visiting Pisa you can also see the bell-tower of the Church of San Nicola in Borgo Stretto and also the bell-tower of the Church of San Michele degli Scalzi, located in Viale delle Piagge (green zone outside the city centre).


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