Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque
Pic by Ionut David | Dreamstime
Africa - Morocco - Casablanca

SOUR JDID, Casablanca, Morocco
33°36'26.6"N 7°37'56.4"W
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Hassan II's Mosque is the tallest temple with a laser minaret in the world. With a height of 200 meters and light, it can be seen kilometers away. The mosque is right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean which increases the appeal of the place. The construction caused many disputes at the time due to the amount of money required and many surrounding houses had to be demolish in order to make room.
One of the most interesting things for tourists is that it’s one of the few mosques that opens its doors to non-Muslims, which amplifies the interest to visit. Another of the most remarkable features is that this mosque has very advanced technological facilities: it’s designed to withstand earthquakes, heating is installed on the floor, the roof opens automatically and doors are electrical, besides having an underground car park. There's room for nearly 100,000 believers and it has specialized libraries and Koranic school, among other things.


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