Pic by Karol Kozlowski | Dreamstime
Africa - Morocco - Casablanca

Boulevard de la Corniche, Casablanca, Morocco
33°36'22.6"N 7°38'52.7"W
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Corniche is the promenade that runs along the coast of Casablanca. On sunny days it's one of the most pleasant places in the city, though if it rains the sound of the Atlantic Ocean and the movement of the waves is also a good show. From the promenade you can get an interesting view of the Hassan II, one of the few mosques that opens the door to non-Muslim tourists. The promenade is isially to be a busy area from both tourists and residents, middle or upper class. There are many restaurants, clubs and even, a bit away from the Moroccan traditions, a very active nightlife. Alcohol is forbidden and there is a mall though prices don't differ much fomr other westernized countries.


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