Old Medina of Casablanca (Ancienne Medina)

Old Medina of Casablanca (Ancienne Medina)
Pic by Sarra22 | Dreamstime
Africa - Morocco - Casablanca

North-west corner of Place des Nations Unies, Casablanca 20250, Morocco
33°36'08.7"N 7°37'15.7"W
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Between the port and Hassan II's mosque there's the Old Medina, the oldest part of Casablanca which has the last remnants of the city of the twentieth century. 
The neighborhood is full of labyrinthine small streets and shops with handcrafted products. It’s one of the most authentic places to visit and it's not foreign tourists friendly. We must be vigilant at all times and apply the art of haggling. Traders are very savvy and you may end up buying more than you expected. This is a place  you must visit if you haven’t been in any souk or bazaar before. Buying or watching becomes an experience, all wrapped in the scent of mint tea so characteristic of the place.


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