Malabar Hill and Marina Drive

Malabar Hill and Marina Drive
Pic by Aleksandra Lande | Dreamstime
Asia - India - Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
18°57'16.5"N 72°48'03.8"E
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Malabar Hill is one of the most visited places of Mumbai. This area has several touristic places although what attracts the attention of most visitors is the possibility of watch a Dakgmah or silence tower, the funerary monuments of the  parsis  sect.  The  most  shocking  of this “Monuments”  is that they are formed by mountains of human bodies piled so the vultures can devour them. It's the tradition of this religious minority when a relative dies, though it's  very  difficult  to watch them place them there nowadays.  One  thing  that  you can see is the Banganga Tank, a small Varanasi in Mumbai. Banganga Tank is like a lake surrounded by temples and ghats to reach the holy water.  Visiting this enclave is a show.
In this area there's also Chowpatty Beach. It's a beach frequented by locals during weekends, though no  one  swims  because of the  dirty water. Chowpatty begins the Mumbai promenade, the Marina Drive. From this walk you can enjoy the best views of the city.


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