Sauna Kotiharjun

Sauna Kotiharjun
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Europe - Finland - Helsinki
Web: Kotiharjun Sauna
Åstorgsgatan 1, 00500 Helsingfors, Finland
60°11'11.4"N 24°57'26.8"E
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If you are visiting Finland, it's almost mandatory to live the experience of visiting one of its famous saunas. The Kotiharjun sauna is one of the few steambaths of the capital that works with the traditional method: the structure is heated with burning wood. The sauna was opened in 1928 and is regarded as a haven to rejuvenate both body and soul. In the city, there are increasingly less traditional saunas, which are being replaced by modern saunas inside homes. If you can and have the time, we undoubtedly recommend you to experience the effect of a good and authentic Finnish sauna. In the Sauna Kotiharjun there are spaces for men and women and you can even buy a massage.


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