Hesperia Park - Esplanadi Puisto

Hesperia Park - Esplanadi Puisto
Pic by Lerka555 | Dreamstime
Europe - Finland - Helsinki

Pohjoisesplanadi, Helsinki, Finland
60°10'02.9"N 24°56'51.4"E
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As its name suggests, the Hesperia Park  (Esplanadi Puisto) is a long avenue in Helsinki with a park in the center, located right next to the port. In this street are some of the most beautiful and elegant buildings of the city and it's a popular hangout for the citizens of Helsinki during the weekends. It's full of shops, bars with live music and spaces to relax and lie down to chill out. If you want to enjoy the landscape, see the urbanite life and walk for a while, this is your place. 
Near the Esplanadi Puisto there’s the Hisperian Park, a park where the Finnish people love to go to spend time outside and it’s a good place to run when the street is not snowy. 


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