Old Market - Vanha Kauppahalli

Old Market - Vanha Kauppahalli
Pic by Ting Chen | Flickr
Europe - Finland - Helsinki
Web: Vanha Kauppahalli
Eteläranta 14, 00130 Helsinki, Finland
60°09'59.3"N 24°57'11.8"E
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The Old Market is a must-visit for food lovers and those with the most curious palates. It's located on the south pier of the port of Helsinki and there are several food stalls in the market, where you can taste the most varied delicacies offered by small traders. You can find all kinds of fish, seafood, vegetables, etc. and local and typical products of Finland. It's also a good place to take some gastronomic souvenir for friends and family, perfect to take a part of your trip through northern Europe to your relatives. 
The schedule is open enough hours in the day: Monday to Friday from 8 to 18h and Saturday from 8 to 16h.


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