Transport in Malaga


Metro Málaga
The metro in Malaga is the newest transportation option in the city. Two lines of metro were inaugurates in 2014 and they connect the centre of the city with the University Campus and the Carretera de Cádiz district. unen el centro de la ciudad con el Campus Universitario y con el Distrito de la Carretera de Cádiz. Some other lines are under construction and will connect other parts of the city. During the weekdays the metro opens from 6h until 23h and Fridays and Saturdays until 1:30h.  



From the new station of Malaga- María Zambrano, the main trains are departing to the Airport, the nearest cities and other further cities in Spain like Madrid or Barcelona. Also, in Malaga it is possible to take the high speed train AVE to travel around quickly.



EMT Málaga
Malaga has 43 bus lines, from which 3 of them are circular and 3 are night lines. The price for the single ticket is 1,30 €.



Malaga has also a good rental public bikes system, with 21 stations throughout the city with more than 300 bikes available. The first 30 minutes are always for free.



In Malaga is quiet easy to find available taxis. You will identify them for being white vehicles with a blue part with the emblem ofthe city. You can stop them in the middle of the street, calling them or find them in the main taxi stops of the city.

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