Festivities, Holidays and Traditions in Malaga

Malaga Fair

In August it is celebrated in Malaga one of the most important festivities for the local people: the Malaga Fair. During 10 days the city dresses up with parties and performances with national and international artists, horse parades, contests, tapas, good wine etc… It is a very good opportunity to experience the most essential folklore of the city and to enjoy with the charming people.



The Easter or “Semana Santa” is another very important day for the Andalusians, because in this region of Spain they live specially intensively the religious celebrations and processions. During the Easter days, several “cofradías” of Malaga march throughout the city with the police and the militar army representation of the city. There are some processions that are specially famous and expected, and others which are smaller.


San Juan Festivity

In Malaga the San Juan festivity is celebrated on the 21rst, 22nd and 23rd of June, being the last one the most celebrated. On the 23rd at night, the beaches of Malaga get crowded and they light some bonfires where they burn a kind of dolls to put away the bad luck. Also, the most brave ones are jumping across the bonfires.


Carmen Virgin Festivity

The festivity “Virgen del Carmen” is a Malagan celebration in which the patron saint of fishermen is honoured. They organize various sailor parades in several neighbourhoods which have a long fishing tradition like “el Palo”. La Virgen del Carmen is moved from its usual place until the traditional Malagan boats, la Jábega. Boats are decorated with flowers and they go around the sea with the virgin creating a very beautiful parade.  


Malaga Carnival

The Malaga Carnival is always a fun date. It lasts 10 days until the “ash Wednesday” (miércoles de ceniza). The main events of this festivity is the contest celebrated in the Cervantes Theater, the opening  speech of the festivity and the parade throughout the city. In the end, a dance is celebrated with the funeral of the anchovy, which marks the end of the party.

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