Fort Myers River District & Market

Fort Myers River District & Market
Pic by SPaasche | Flickr
North America - United States of America - Fort Myers

1300 Hendry St, Fort Myers, FL 33901, USA
26°38'48.4"N 81°52'16.8"W
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Fort Myers River District is one of the favourite places for both locals and visitors. Though it's quite a wide area with hideouts a plenty, it's top is a wonderful promenade to watch the sunset filled with restaurants and premises. Besides, there are also many stores and small parks with wide, sunny streets. Other things which characterize the area is that there are several sculptures planted around and its arquitectural looks. Most modern buildings coexist with those of the period, giving it a special ambience.

If you happen to be in the area on a Thursday morning you must visit Fort Myers Market, set near Centennial Park. It's a very popular green Market where all kind of natural products are sold: vegetables, fruit, medical herbs or even seafood!


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