CN Tower

CN Tower
Pic by Gary Blakeley | Dreamstime
North America - Canada - Toronto
Web: CN Tower
301 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2T6, Canadá
43°38'33.4"N 79°23'13.4"W
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The CN Tower is the most known symbol of Toronto and one of the most characteristic buildings in its skyline. Its great touristic attractiveness is the marvelous sight of the city from the lookout, on top of the building.

For years the CN Tower was the tallest communication tower of the world and today it’s still one of the tallest constructions all over America. It’s interesting to know that you can visit the two lookouts that are in the tower, in different levels, but the one on the top has a supplement on the price. Another good way to see the views is to book a table in the viewpoint restaurant. The milk jam is a little bit expensive, but it covers the entrance.

A good moment to visit it is during sunset, when the light is a little dim and the city lights turn on. For daring ones there’s the option of walking around the outside of the tower with an harness though the price may not be for everyone’s pockets, as it falls over 100€.


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