Paradise beaches Puerto Rico

Paradise beaches Puerto Rico
Pic by Stevengaertner | Dreamstime
Central America + Caribbean - Puerto Rico - San Juan

17°57'11.1"N 67°11'58.2"W
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Everyone knows that the Caribbean beaches are worthy of drawings, photographs, honeymoons, dreamy landscapes and so on. Puerto Rico, as a Caribbean island it's no less than that. Its shores offer crystal clear waters, white sand, tropical plants and trees and a stunning sun. There are so many paradisiacal coastal corners that it's impossible to list all of them. In San Juan there are some beaches that are really good to enter the sea from the city, like the Ocean Park Beach or Escambrón, but if you want it to be away from the urbanization and the chaos of cars, it's best for you to move away from the capital and get deep into other areas of Puerto Rico. There are so many beaches and coves that it is best for you to ask a local in order to prioritize: If you prefer clear water between comforts such like having fruit stands nearby, kiosks or car, they will recommend you one. However, if you want to be away from all this and prefer less people, there are other places that will leave you breathless. Getting to these beaches is a little more difficult, but the reward is extraordinary. Some of them are the Playa Secreta in Vieques, the Isla Mona, the Spanish Wall-the favorite for surfers- or Bahia Salinas in Cabo Rojo with an arid and dry landscape.

Another recommendation for you is to take a ferry to get to some of the islands, like Playa Flamenco, on the isla de Culebra.


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