Transport in Kuala Lumpur



The monorail of Kuala Lumpur is like a kind of open air metro which crosses the whole city, passing through almost all the neighbourhoods. It is not circular, it crosses it making a line. It is a fast transportation option, modern and very useful to visit the city. It works from 6h until 00:00h.



To travel by taxi in the city can be another economical and safe transportation option to move around Kuala Lumpur. The only problem might be the chaotic traffic that there is usually in the main centre spots of the city, so that’s why many taxi drivers don’t want to use the taximetre.   



Rapid KL

Most of the buses in the city belong to the company Rapid KL. There are many bus stops but most of them start their route in the stop of Puduraya. To purchase the ticket in the same bus you will have to give the exact price, which goes between 1 and 4 MYR. It also exists another bus which just for tourists and it is called KL Hop-on Hop-off. It costs around 38 MYR for 24 hours and it is worth to take it if you want to see many things just in one day.

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