Transport in Charlotte


Charlotte Area Transit System
The bus is Charlottes most used transport. There are over 70 routes around the city which connect with the suburbs and residential areas. It has a wide timetable too, from 5 am to 2 am. Kids under 5 travel for free.


Charlotte Area Transit System – LYNX Blue Line
LINX Blue Line is a kind of tram that goes through Charlotte. It has one fifteen stops lin which connects the south of the city with downtown. Streetcars run each 10-12 minutes and its a good method used by many residents.

Tourist transport

Ride Transit 
There are many transports in Charlotte mainly for tourists and visitors. One such is Gold Rush Red Line, a kind of vintage, red bus which connects downtown to some LINX Blue Line stops. There's also the City LINX Gold Line, an old streetcar with 6 stops in school and residential areas. Both of them are totally free. 


Several taxi companies work in Charlotte. Though not the cheapest, it's one of the most comfortable transports, specially during summer. They operate 24/7 and you can stop them or call for one.


Charlotte Bcycle
If you're planning to move around Charlotte easily it's a good idea to get a Charlotte Bcycle pass, the most important biking system in South-east USA. There's a 24 hour pass or a yearly one, but you must sign up online to get either of them. This system is a good idea if you spend more than one day in the city.

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