Transport in Muscat

Muscat Bus

The Oman National Transport Company runs buses from Dubai to Muscat, which takes around 6 hours (every day available from 7h to 15h). Also, there are daily services from Buraimi to Muscat and to Nizwa, Salalah, Sanaw and Sur. The company Mwasalat offers intercity bus services in Muscat.


Taxis in Muscat

You can take a taxi to Muscat from almost everywhere in Oman. Usually, it is recommended to stop the taxi and negotiate a price before starting the trip. You can ask the locals for the usual prices. A taxi ride from the Muscat city centre to the Muscat Airport might take around 15 minutes and cost around 4 Rials.  


Getting out of town

It is quiet easy to go out of Muscat, so the whole coutry is quiet touristic and people are used to do it as well. It is recommended just to be careful with the prices, ask the local people before you ask to the driver or any seller, they will try to charge you more always. The same with the restaurants and any services place.

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