Transport in Jersusalem

Jerusalem Bus

Egged Bus

The main public buses in Jerusalem are runned by the company Egged and they are green vehicles. The bus network starts around the Jerusalem Central Bus Station in the very centre of the town (King George and Jaffa streets). There are many routes, with a standard ticket bus price of 5,90 NIS for a single trip. You can’t pay directly the ticket inside the bus, so get information about where to buy it before you take it.


Jerusalem Light rail

This transportation option has just one line which runs between Mount Herzl and Pisgat Zeev. You also need to buy the single ticket or any type of ticket in advance before getting on the train, and the single ticket also costs 5,90 NIS. This line also passes through the Old City.


Jerusalem Train

Israel Railways are operating in 2 spots of Jerusalem. One is the Jerusalem Malha near the Malha Mall, and the other one is the Biblical Zoo. A new high-speed rail network is under construction. It will run from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem via Ben Gurion Airport.


Taxis in Jerusalem

You can take a taxi to Jerusalem from almost everywhere in Israel. Usually, it is recommended to stop the taxi and negotiate a price before starting the trip. You can ask the locals for the usual prices. But officially there are some meter fares established, one for the daytime and one for the nighttime.



It is quiet easy to go out of Jerusalem, so the whole coutry is quiet touristic and people are used to do it as well. It is recommended just to be careful with the prices, ask the local people before you ask to the driver or any seller, they will try to charge you more always. The same with the restaurants and any services place.

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