Best beaches of Puerto Rico that you have to know

Although you don’t have any plans to travel to this caribbean country.

Puerto Rico has breathtaking landscapes and it’s impossible to dismiss some of the most incredible beaches that the country has. Maybe you’re going to spend your holidays in another place and we’re sorry… after read this article probably you’ll want to change the plans. Caribe is waiting for you, now or on the future! 

Vieques Island

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Viques Island is known as the Little Island Girl and also is part of a group of islands that are also known as the Spanish Virgin Islands because they still have so many influences of the Spanish colonization. The beaches are included in the list of the best beaches in the Caribbean… its sky-blue waters and white sand are some good reasons.

Seven Seas Beach

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Seven Seas Beach is an incredible and small beach in Puerto Rico. Is located on the northeast corner of the country and is really a true paradise in this world that we have. The place is right next to the San Juan Cabezas Natural Reserve, another of the great treasures of Puerto Rico.

Guanica Beach

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Guanica Beach is a quiet place and it seems that the site is created to receive you with open arms, ready for your enjoyment and pleasure. The beach is flat, clean and for sure is one of the best shores of the Cabo Rojo coast. 

Culebra Island

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Well, if you go to Puerto Rico and you’re planning to spend there some days you can’t miss to visit Culebra Island, a breathtaking piece of land in the east of Puerto Rico where every scene is to keep it in the box of the best memories and not let it never erased. Flamenco Beach is one of the most loved beaches but in the island there are a lot of more places to fall in love with the place.

Icacos Island

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The Icacos Island is a small islet of Puerto Rico. For all the lovers of water activities you can start to sing, smile and dance ... this place is your dream on the planet. In addition, and this is a message for the explorers , the life that is underwater is endless. Don’t hesitate to go if you can! 

St Thomas Island

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To go to St Thomas Island most of the times is required to take a plane for landing in this virgin island. St Thomas together with the islands of St Croix or Vieques belong to the British Virgin Islands and is probably the place where your camera will be saturated making click and your mind will be more relaxed than the trees which are around. 

San Juan Beaches

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San Juan is the Puerto Rico’s capital and, of course, the sea surrounds some of its neighbourhoods. Although sometimes the coast of the city is very busy it's a good escape to get away from stress, cars and noise and to feel the rhythm of life near the Caribbean waters while warm temperatures caress you.

Rincon Beach

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Rincon is an area in the northwest of Puerto Rico and the beach is only a few steps away from the Rincón village. This quiet beach is really extensive and is a good place to organise barbecues, play volleyball or practice other beach sports.

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