24 essential things you should put in your handbag to be a professional on trips

If anything has given us the experience when traveling is that by packing our things we distinguish two types of items in our suitcase: major and secondary articles. This may seem obvious and basic but sometimes we overlooked and when we forget some of the objects that are part of the "important" pack, all the people or almost all who are travelers feel like his heart sinks at the feet, we curse our cluelessness and if we could, we’d go back home to look for what we both will miss during our trip. That's why we leave you a list of all the things you have to save a space and put first in the suitcase so you have a pleasant trip without headaches:

Toothbrush and toothpaste
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1/24 Toothbrush and toothpaste

The toothbrush is one of your best friends during the trip. If you want to meet new people or simply keep good company you cannot let you forget the pack formed by toothpaste and toothbrush. You'll be glad and all the people around you too.

Glasses and the case glasses
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2/24 Glasses and the case glasses

Glasses is one of the essential things and irredeemably important if you need it in your everyday life. To forget it is one of the most frustrating feelings you have while traveling, the situation is almost for banging against the wall. And something that doesn’t seem so obvious but equally important is the glasses case. Hand up whoever has never wanted to keep the glasses in the bag or suitcase because you don’t need at that time and had no where. And it has had to continue wearing them, wrap them in toilet paper or a shirt or take the risk putting them in the bag and talk with the lucky to be well with you.

Contact lenses and lens solution (If you need them)
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3/24 Contact lenses and lens solution (If you need them)

The contact lenses and contact lens solution are a duo that must be in your toiletry bag if you have vision problems and want to stroll without glasses during your trip. To forget the contact lenses when you're used to going out with them is one of the most uncomfortable situations that can you live during your travel.

Pen and paper
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4/24 Pen and paper

The pen, what a great ally! A pen is useful for all the situations. It should be like an extension of your body. At any time you may need one and if you don’t have it can be exasperating. A pen solves situations, facilitates communication between people of the country and you, it indicates the right direction or even maybe can be useful to take note of an interesting phone number... and the paper will be the support you need if you have nothing to write on.

Band aid
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5/24 Band aid

The band aids are those bands that can save many walks or other small situations at a time. At the most unexpected moment you can need some if you're walking as normally it is walked in the trips. It may be one of the things that you can miss it during the adventure if you don't have them at your fingertips.

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6/24 Pajama

After a long day, tired and when the night has come it's the time to open the suitcase to put on the pajamas. With confidence, you start to disassemble your neatly folded shirts because you don't know where you got your pajamas so comfortable and loved. And you start to talk with yourself asking where have you put it and finally come to the conclusion that you've forget it in your home. And after, make a B plan: recycle the shirt you've worn all day, sacrificing some of you other shirts which you had thought to put on ... and do the same with pants. Pajamas is usually the forgotten friend and from now to the future you have to un to the rank of your list to not commit twice the same error.

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7/24 Slippers

Another of the most beloved comrades during travel and often many of us leave them. This house shoes, those so comfortable surfaces that prevent us to feel cold when we walk around the hostel, hotel, around the house or wherever and they let us have breakfast in peace and go to the bath at midnight quietly. Who has not lived the situation to forget the slippers at home and suddenly sees his traveling companion has them well placed next to the bed, patient, waiting to walk around the room? And automatically, the feeling of failure comes to you and you start to find a replacement immediately with faith, so much faith, to find something that will help you as a substitute.

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8/24 Underwear

Indispensable if you have the habit of carrying it (there is people who don’t use and therefore who would not miss it). Underwear leaves no doubt that it is one of the things you have to put in the suitcase immediately out after taking out from the washing machine and it's dry. And a tip: if you check your baggage you have to put always -always, always- at least one more set in your hand luggage, in your purse or whatever so that if your luggage is lost have at least two garments to go combining them and washing them.

Pills or medicine
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9/24 Pills or medicine

If you need to take medication is essential to take all the medicines you need, this is an unbreakable rule. Medications always have to be with you and not putting them in the suitcase if you intend to check luggage. It is also important that you report if the airport may ask why you take certain substances in the case that are special, strong or require a medical prescription or special treatment.

Sleep mask
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10/24 Sleep mask

The sleep mask is the best lover in the evenings for anyone who cannot sleep if sunlight seep through the windows. In addition it doesn’t occupy space, it’s easy to carry and will save you from having sleepless nights.

Passport or identification document
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11/24 Passport or identification document

Without this you’re not going to go anywhere. Don’t fool yourself. The passport or the identification document should be attached to your body because if you forget it, is like to jump from the boat before boarding, especially if you're taking a plane. Although you don’t have to fly and you travel with other methods of transportation, there may come a situation where, for example, someone asks you the destination document, whether a hotel, a club, a cop or whoever. This documents are certainly the first thing you have to keep in mind when packing.

Bills, coins and credit card
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12/24 Bills, coins and credit card

The money, although we feel bad about the fact, is one of the elements that you’re going to miss more if you leave it in your home. To survive a trip without knowing how to pay for your meal or your stay is quite complicated. It is important that before embarking on your trip know what currency is used in your destination, if you can pay by credit card easily or what fees your company charges for using the card.

Health Insurance Card
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13/24 Health Insurance Card

Even if you're healthy, alive and kicking you always have to take with you your health credit. The importance it's in the same category of the passport or the identity document. It’s not that we are superstitious and believe that health can fail you on your journey but if this happen you’re going to need it for sure. And it hasn’t to be a drama situation, you can fall from a bike or have a sprained an ankle... and go to the hospital could be more difficult or expensive than do you think.

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14/24 Book

The book is the typical thing that many people take before leave the home and appears in the most unexpected moment for those who are not ready with one. Let's give you examples of some situations in which you may find very, very lonely if you don'tt bring anything to read on your trip: when the flight is delayed for 4 hours and you can only take a look on the shrews because the rest of your friends are immersed in reading, when you get on the plane for a chat and your side takes the impatient book to know how continues the chapter which yesterday left open, when you're sitting with your companions on the train for a journey of 5 hours and all read except you ... and you have the good fortune that the route is underground, when is the nap's time and you are not sleepy all the people who is awake is reading quietly in their quarters, when before bedtime television is not allowed and in the room you can only listen the page's gnashing... and countless more situations. If books are not your thing bring with you something different, a comic book, a magazine, a pamphlet ... but take something.

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15/24 Headphones

The headphones another leisure companions which you will miss if you forget to take them with you. It's like the books, if your friends have and you don't, you're lost. In addition, for the most boring travel time can be your unconditional and it can make turn a the most boring time travel to the most magical one if suddenly starts playing the song you love most in this world.

Tissue paper or wet wipes
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16/24 Tissue paper or wet wipes

It's one of the things you should carry around when you're already at your destination. You can save it in your purse, fanny pack or suitcase. You never know if you’ll have an emergency or you'll need it in a particular time.

Thread and scissors
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17/24 Thread and scissors

Although right off the bat seems that the thread and the scissors you probably won't ever need them, don't underestimate these two elements. At any time they can save a situation and not just to sew a button ... maybe you have a hole in your suitcase, your shoes are broken, etc. You never know!

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18/24 Snacks

In general, in every trip you know that you can eat somewhere but it can gives the situation that when you arrive in your destination all the stores are closed, that your flight is delayed or simply that you are hungry in the most unforeseen time. In this case, you you will be greatful if do you have something within reach to satiate your stomach, some crackers, bread, a piece of fruit... what you prefer.

Chewing gum
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19/24 Chewing gum

Chewing gum is a loyal friend at the times you need it most. It’s not possible to have close everytime our toothbrush and the bubble gum can help us to take away the urge to brush our teeth and continue our day unapologetic to talk to to everybody.

Pouch for traveling
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20/24 Pouch for traveling

The Pouch for traveling is one of the safest things you can carry on a trip. It’s the perfect place to avoid possible pickpockets and is an interesting place to bring what is more valuable as money place, your identity document or anything else.

Photo camera
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21/24 Photo camera

A trip without photos is one of the few things that almost none of the people considers in his travels. The camera is the element that best remember all your moments of the trip and will be a good way to capture the most fascinating places or memorable moments. The important thing is to have an instrument to do the pics.

Address where you stay
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22/24 Address where you stay

Although you are a traveler who rely on their guidance or the orientation of the others to return home, it’s recommended that someone in the group (or yourself) copy the address where do you sleep to get back to bed without problems. The most important point is that after you take the direction you must take the paper with you, it would not be helpful to leave the paper with the address or phone with the note on the bedside table.

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23/24 Dictionary

Have a dictionary handy can often help to answer your questions if necessary. Even lighten your hurry. It’s recommended to carry it though depending on the destination you can communicate with your language or another more international.

An informative sign with pictures of what you are allergic
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24/24 An informative sign with pictures of what you are allergic

If you have any allergies or someone of the group has can be a big problem to go to a restaurant and order anything you don’t know what ingredients have the meal. If you show the informative sign with the ingredients which you are allergic the waiter or the chef will understand you without problem. It's an easy way to know if you can eat one meal or not!